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Completion of our 1st project in Argentina – 40MWp

Last February 2018 we started our operations (civil, mechanical and electrical works) at 40MWp Caldenes del Oeste project.  We proceeded with its commissioning end of June 2018 and we are running now the last details (punch list etc.) to do the final completion.  We really hope that this was only the beginning of our presence […]

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Electrical works at 95MWp in Queensland, Australia

Our first large scale project “Susan River”, of 95MWp at Queensland started end of May with delivery time schedule 8 months of.  We are already negotiating a 2nd one, of 250MWp at Victoria state.  We are feeling confident that we will establish long term collaborations in this country.

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4th year of operations in Chile

We are very pleased to announce that having completed 3 years of full operations in Chile and commissioning around 200MWp, we started the 4th year in this country having completed in the first semester two projects and started a third one.  More specifically we delivered “El Sauce” of 6,5MWp end of February and “Acacia” of […]

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Commissioning of 86MWp in Brazil and 2 new subcontracts of total 107MWp

We are proud to announce that we delivered with success and on time 86MWp at Pirapora, phase II, in Brazil within 4 (four) months of operations.  With this commissioning the largest solar park in Latin America, of total 400MWp has been completed and we feel very lucky that we were member of this construction team […]

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Extending our presence in Pirapora II, Brazil

While running 76MWp at Pirapora Phase II we ve been asked by our customer to deliver – electrical and mechanical works – another 10MWp at the same project by 10th of April 2018.  We have enforced our manpower by handling 200 Brazilians and 30 expats and we intend to be punctual on the work time […]

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New contracts in Brazil – PiraPora phase II

Having proceeded with the commissioning of a 30MWp PV project in Pirapora III, Brazil, in the beginning of November 2017 and within 60 days of operations, we signed a new subcontract with Biosar Brazil, regarding the phase II of PiraPora Solar Investment of EDF for the construction of 76MWp.  We are proud to announce that […]

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New company-member in Argentina

Being aware of the global market in Solar Park construction field and having checked thoroughly the country’s  legislation, terms and conditions for doing business, we decided to incorporate our local subsidiary “STR Power SAS”.  We have already started promoting our work to international PV parks developers with local presence and we are negotiating the electrical […]

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New subsidiary in Australia

As promised by September 2017 we would have been ready to operate our new local entity in Melbourne, Australia.  With great honor we announce that Str Power Australia Pty Ltd. has been incorporated.  We are now able and willing to expand our services in this new county hoping to gain the market soon and be […]

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Commissioning El Roble, Chile

Today, was the date of commissioning with success of our 10,2MWp solar park project, in San Pedro, Chile named El Roble.  We wish to thank all our people and all involved on site, for their support, hard working and patience.  We look forward in continuing this effort in our two next projects in Chile, El […]

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Research Market in Argentina

As we said, many times, from our very first beginning in Latin America, we hope to extend our presence for many years and operate in almost all countries of this south part of American continent.  Keeping that in mind, we accepted with pleasure, the proposal to do a market research in Argentina in order to […]

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Brazil- New Projects

We are very glad to communicate that our first project in Brazil, in Bom Jesus de Lapa area, BJL11 Solar Park of 25MWp, is about to be completed.  Before its commissioning we have already started our preparations for our 2nd project, another 30MWp Solar Park in PiraPora area.  Therefore, our goal – declared on 5th […]

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New challenge – Australia

We are very proud to announce that we started the procedures of establishing an entity in Australia, Victoria State, Melbourne.  For us, it is a great challenge and great opportunity to be present in this country, that welcomes and overwhelms all new ideas, proposals and efficient projects. By September2017 we will be ready to operate […]

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Brazil – the 4th country in LATAM

Having constructed solar parks in 3 countries of LATAM, we did a research for future projects in Brazil, a country with great possibilities, and we signed our first contract for electrical and mechanical works of a 25MWp in Bom Jesus Da Lapa Area, Municipality Bahia. We established our subsidiary «Straction Brasil – Servicos de Engenharia […]

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Solar Parks in UK of 59,2MWp

Following our 3 year’s presence in UK, mostly in projects of Lightsource, we have undertook another 11 solar parks all over UK territory, of totally 59,2MWp The construction period is 6 months (starting October 2016 – ending March 2017) and the operation areas are Cornwall, North Wales, East Wales and Northern Ireland. Our construction object […]

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3rd country in Latin America

Having completed 3 successful years in Panama and Chile and under the opportunity to construct Solar Parks in Dominican Republic we decided to establish a subsidiary in Santo Domingo and spread our wings in a 3rd country of Latin America.  Our first project, a civil, mechanical and electrical construction of two parks of 2,7 MWp […]

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Mauritania – Our 1st step in Africa

Our first step in Africa, with 5 solar parks of total 9,6Mwp, in the dessert of Mauritania and specifically at Aleg, Boutilimit, Ajoun, El Chami and Boulenwar areas.  A difficult project, cause of the weather’s conditions and country’s facilities, that will be completed in less than 3 months. We are confident that this is only […]

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44MWp solar park in Panama

Our 3nd year in Panama of continuous solar farm’s constructions.  We started our 5th project of 44Mwp at Chiriqui, Rep. of Panama which will be electrified by the end of the year. Latin America is one of the world’s most powerful solar markets and we are excited that we started our presence there with a […]

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Largest floating park in Europe

The largest floating park in Europe has been constructed in a water reservoir «Queen Elizabeth II» that provides water to London. Proudly we announced that our company assembled and electrified more than 23.000 panels in less than two months period of time. The park is size of eight football pitches and is expected to generate […]

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Expanding our presence in Balcans

Our company has decided to establish a subsidiary in Sofia, Bulgaria in order to handle more efficiently all projects in Southern Europe.  Our new subsidiary has been established on the 10th of February and intends to take, within a couple of years, a quite big part of operations in Southern Europe

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140MWp solar project in Chile

After constructing a 40MWp solar farm in Atacama Chile, we undertook a 2nd project of 146MWp in Chile’s Antofagasta Region – which has the highest level of irradiation in the world – for electromechanical and civil works.  The whole project is expected to be completed in a year (November 2016).

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New subsidiary in UK

Having a steady appearance in UK the last two years, SIH Straction announces its decision to proceed with the establishment of a subsidiary, based in London, in order to empower the projects in the area and to contribute towards the development of new business. The company will be active by the end of June 2015.

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Panama, Solar Park of 12,29 MWp

A member of our family has just completed the turn-key construction of 12,29 MWp in Chiriqui, Panama within 5 months of operations and on budget. More specifically the construction included: – site mobilisation – management and site’s needs – civil works – mechanical works – electrical works – testing and commissioning – as built designs

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UK, Solar Park of 103 Mwp

One of our members has signed subcontracts for electrical and civil works at solar parks allover UK (England, Wales, Northern Ireland).  Our technical dept. has already started the preliminary designs and the construction will be completed by the end of July 2016.

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Our new offices

We recently moved to our new offices at Papachristoforou Building, Limassol, Cyprus with better facilities for staff and clients alike. The new office provides us with the better working places and a large conference room to host meetings in-house. Catering and local accommodation, at preferential rates, are available for those visiting the office.