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Remove the special chapter that is not canonical and voil

Portmanteau: “I’m thinking we go by chariot! Or as everyone will soon be calling them, Rariot!” Reality Warper: Inspiration Manifestation is a Spell Book that contains a spell allowing its owner to alter things to match their imagined version of it. Spike gives it to Rarity so she can use it to fix her puppet […]

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They’re actually emissaries of Tze Yo Tzuh

Jerkass: The ungrateful vagrants treated by Wong Lai Tsao, who insulted him even as he fed them and tended to them every day. They’re actually emissaries of Tze Yo Tzuh, as part of a Secret Test of Character. To an extent the Monkey King, or as he likes to be called, the “Great Sage, Equal […]

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There is no fresh food available with the populace surviving

Merlin also meets Taliesin, another legendary bard with his own body of Celtic legends and poetry. Piano Drop: It bounces with an explosion every bounce, too. First Church of Mecha: Within the next 12,000 years since the original Aquarion saved the world, this godlike Humongous Mecha has since apparently inspired a religion devoted to its […]

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And if Donna Troy destroying it wasn’t an artist mistake

Large Ham: Elvis wasn’t exactly subtle about his emoting on record. Whether a ballad or a full blown rock number, Elvis milked that signature vibrato for all it was worth. Letters 2 Numbers: ELV1S: 30 1 Hits, a Greatest Hits Album released in 2002. Lighter and Softer: The movie years in the 1960s wound up […]